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    It all started with a chance encounter in a Bentley University classroom.  Sustainable Sippin’ Creators Shannon Fairweather and Daniel Linger met in their Sustainability class a few years ago and it was there that they learned about the harmful effects of single use plastic and their passion to make a real-world impact outside of the classroom was born. 


    A few cups of coffee and a few long nights later, the concept for Sustainable Sippin’ was brought to life. The mission? To provide high quality, affordable reusable straws - and other products - to the public and start a MOVEMENT! Just like forks, spoons and knives, straws should be reusable! It’s one simple – but incredibly effective – step we can all take to help turn the tides of human pollution. 


    Sustainable Sippin’ is committed to making and leaving a positive impact on the world we live in. Which is why we not only work to spread awareness of green, environmentally friendly initiatives, but also donate part of their proceeds to ocean conservation organizations. It’s a movement toward making Sustainable Sippin’ the hip thing to do while also paying it forward to some great organizations that share our mission to #PutPlasticInThePast.


    With stars like Tom Brady and Adrian Grenier already backing the movement, we have a feeling that the whole world is ready to #StartSippin & #PutPlasticInThePast

    Are you?