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    Sustainable Sippin' Partners with Dune Jewelry

    Sustainable Sippin' Partners with Dune Jewelry

    We’re excited to introduce a beautiful new partnership!


    Sustainable Sippin’ has teamed up with Dune Jewelry to create an opportunity for you to further benefit the ecosystem while making your world a little more beautiful too!


    Sustainable Sippin’ has been making big waves by partnering with small businesses, clubs, and organizations around the U.S. to make our eco-friendly straws available to the masses. Now we’re taking that outreach to new heights with an innovative and stylish new partnership with Dune Jewelry.  


    We are excited to announce that our “Sustainable Sippin’ Experiential Set” by Dune Jewelry will soon debut on our site offering a unique and special bundle we know you will cherish.


    Here’s what our “Sustainable Sippin’ Experiential Set” by Dune Jewelry includes:

    • (4) Different colored Laser-Engraved Sustainable Sippin’ Steel Straws
      • 2 Bent, 2 Straight
    • (1) Dune Jewelry Sterling-Silver Turtle Bracelet (With Sand From All Seven Continents of the World!)
    • (1) Sustainable Sippin’ Branded Eco-Friendly Carrying Bag
    • (1) Cleaning Brush

     dune jewelry bracelet

    Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Dune Jewelry is the Experiential Jewelry Company that handmakes jewelry and accessories with sand and natural elements from iconic locations around the world. We love that Dune supports numerous environmentally-focused organizations, including The Association to Preserve Cape Cod, and more! Dune Jewelry is an inspirational company. Their pieces are completely unique and incredibly well executed! We know you'll love the Sterling-Silver Turtle Bracelet because it pairs so well with our Sustainable Sippin’ mission while featuring sand collected from the beaches of all seven of Earth’s continents. Such a treasure!


    The FOUR (4) stylishly engraved, food-grade steel straws included in the “Sustainable Sippin’ Experiential Set” by Dune Jewelry help eliminate the use of single-use plastic straws while demonstrating your commitment to reducing your own personal use of wasteful plastic and simultaneously inspiring others to do the same.


    Leading a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to restrict the things you love. Sustainable Sippin’ helps you preserve the things you appreciate in stylish and cool ways! At Sustainable Sippin’, we value and respect the planet we live on, and we appreciate that Dune Jewelry shares our environmental passion. Now Dune’s incredible art can be a constant reminder of the treasures that are present on our planet and the amazing memories you make every day.

    WOW!! What an Inspiration!


    If you're looking to take some serious steps towards a sustainable lifestyle, you have to check out this video! What do you think of Lucy's lifestyle changes? She's eliminating all the possible plastic from her life! She's also including items like napkins and other "single-use" items that may also be shipped in plastic. What do you think about this type of life overhaul? 


    Start your plastic-free journey at the Sustainable Sippin’ shop now!