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Rainbow Colored Sippin' Straws

Special Offer Price: $8.99

Imagine this…

You sit down at your favorite restaurant and your favorite waiter comes and greets you with your favorite drink.

As he’s about to hand you a plastic straw wrapped in cheap paper, you stop him and pull out a straw of your own.

But it’s not like his. It’s different. Much different. It’s…The Colored Sippin’ Straw! 

You take a sip of your favorite beverage and realize that it tastes better than usual, coming from smooth food-grade steel as opposed to cheap plastic.

“Ahh…” You let out a sigh of relief and pleasure, remarking what a feeling it is to be saving the world and your taste buds one sip at a time.

Special Offer Price: $8.99

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Absolute beauties! Still using these every day.
Bar Owner
Dropped my plastic straws as soon as they came in! Thanks guys!
Real Estate Agent
Thank you Sustainable Sippin'! Love my new straws 🙂