Sustainable Sippin’ Bamboo Straw (2 Pack)


Bamboo. The most holistic way to enjoy a beverage. No more worrying about plastic chemicals leaching into your drink. No more guilt from using plastic straws.

Just a pure, enjoyable drinking experience. Stay in touch with nature and nurture your drink.

Comes in a pack of two (2).



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Product Features:

Bamboo straws bring a more holistic approach to your drinking experience.

Did you know that pandas drink out of bamboo straws?

Drinking from bamboo straws connect you more with the drink and #putplasticinthepast.

Dishwasher Safe: Our bamboo straws are reusable and are absolutely dishwasher safe.

No chemicals: Bamboo straws are completely safe and don’t leach flavors or leak nasty chemicals into your drink like traditional plastic straws.

Perfect for warm or icy cold drinks like coffee, tea, shakes or smoothies.

Make a statement about who you are and what you stand for.


*WARNING* Your friends might suddenly become unbelievably curious about your straws and begin to think that you are even more awesome than you already are. Sip at your own risk ?

Your new drinking companion — please note that no accessories are included.


Comes in a pack of two (2).





Our guarantee is simple: 100% satisfaction for every purchase — we aren’t happy unless you are!

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Our mission is to get the world OFF of plastic and turn the world ON to the sippin’ lifestyle.

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