Why are reusable straws better than plastic?


Well to start, your drink will taste a lot better and you won’t have to worry about BPA and other nasty plastic chemicals flaking off into your drink. Plastic straws are also one of the frequent flyers in the Top 10 Ocean Pollution Lists and contribute to more than 1 million deaths a year.

Drinking from a reusable straw is also fun! You’ll more than likely find yourself feeling healthier because of your increased water intake. 


Do I have to worry about chemicals in a metal straw? 


Nope! Our straws are free of BPA, EA (often referred to as “the new BPA”), rust and lead. Our straws are designed to give you the cleanest drinking experience.


How long do straws take to ship? 


Depends on your location. All orders are trackable and arrive within 2-3 weeks (sometimes sooner). We will always ship your product to you as fast as possible. If you are upgrading your sippin experience and purchase a bottle and a straw, your straw may arrive a few days earlier than your bottle.

How much does shipping cost? 


We cover shipping on all orders. Shipping will always be free. 5% of all proceeds go to a charity that supports a greener Earth — currently, we are partnered with the Conservation Law Foundation, a New England based non-profit that we’re proud to be a part of! All we ask in return for free shipping is that you share your new straw with a friend and get them on the Sustainable Sippin movement!


Do I need to clean my straw?


 We would recommend cleaning your straw before using it to ensure the purest experience.




Avoid cleaning your straw with tap water. If you clean your straw with tap water, it will likely have a metallic aftertaste for a short amount of time. Either blow the water out of the straw to remove the left over tap water, or clean with filtered water from the start.

How often do I need to clean my straw?


We recommend that you clean your straw and any bottle associated with it at the end of every day. All Sustainable Sippin’ straws are disherwasher safe and come shipped with brush cleaners.

* Please note that although straws are dishwasher safe, cleaning with a brush is the most effective way to clean your straw *  


Can I reach out to you if I have questions?


Of course! Contact us through this form on our website or send an email to: help@sustainablesippin.com