About Us

Sustainable Sippin’ started in a classroom at Bentley University. Daniel and Shannon were ace students and couldn’t ignore their desire to make a real world impact, outside of the classroom. 

A few cups of coffee and a few long nights later, the concept for Sustainable Sippin’ was born. 

The mission?

To bring high quality, affordable reusable straws into the public realm and start a MOVEMENT! 🌊

Have you ever thought about where the straws we use end up? They usually find their way into the ocean, where they interfere with the flow of natural sea life and pollute the food chain over time. The result usually looks something like this…

What you see is an avoidable situation. Straws are an extremely basic part of nutritional intake. 

Like forks, spoons and knives, straws should be reusable! 

It’s one simple – but incredibly effective – step we can all take to turning the tides of human pollution.

Sustainable Sippin’ is committed to making and leaving a positive impact on the world we live in.

So we’re donating 5% of straw sale proceeds to The Conservation Law Foundation, a New England based non-profit organization dedicated to finding lasting solutions for our environment. 🌲

Our goal is to get 10,000,000 people to join the reusable straw movement AND convince large chains to follow Starbucks and Disney’s lead and stop offering plastic straws. 

With stars like Tom Brady and Adrian Grenier already backing the movement, we have a feeling that the whole world is ready to #startsippin.


Are you?